St. Patrick’s Academy has a fine library with carefully selected books for children. Teachers spend a lot of time, reading to young children by which children acquire language acquisition and literacy skills early in their lives which in turn evokes the desire to explore their world through reading. The goal of the school library is to ensure that all students of the school have equitable access "to books and reading, to information, and to information technology."

The students of are allowed to take the books with them and are given a 1 week reading time for each book. Children have access to English and Hindi newspapers that is available at the library. They also have access to few Monthly magazines which they can read to increase their general knowledge every month.

The books in the library are of various categorizes Fiction/ Non Fiction, General Knowledge, Science, Life Science, Sports, Quiz, Art and Craft, Hindi Literature, English Classic Literature, Indian and World History and Geography, and Mystery Novels, and stories