Social Studies

Social studies helps students understand their place in the world. It teaches children their roles and responsibilities particularly in relation to social and civic affairs. Social studies include History, Geography, Civics. and it is an integral part in ensuring well-rounded education.

It educates students in citizenship, producing then with knowledge, skills and attitudes, which will help them to become competent and responsible citizens. For example students learn about voting as form of political participation and how they can exercise their right to vote in election to choose the leader they want.

It teaches students about history and enable them to understand how society has evolved. Social studies helps them to develop ability to think critically about societal issues and learn how to address them based on their understanding of social values.

Keeping the above matters, we have incorporated a number of methods to teach History, Civics and Geography. Some of those techniques are Mind Maps, Role Play, Quiz, Activities link Bingo, Interviews, Mock Parliament etc.

The purpose of including such methods is to make the learning process interesting for the students and also they develop some skills. Our goal is to prepare tomorrow's citizens in the best possible way.